Imagine growing your business with your impactful and effective business sales framework and strategy. You’re really going to love this episode and learn about sales and amazing experiences from a sales training expert.

Our guest today is Stephen Steers, a Founder of Steers Consulting Group. Stephen Steers is a consultant, keynote speaker, storyteller, musician, armature chef, polyglot, and stand-up comedian. As a consultant and keynote speaker, Stephen has advised more than 700 companies from 28 countries. Including teams from Google, Nike, HEC Paris Business School, and Entrepreneurs Organization.

Listen as Stephen Steers brings us amazing experiences, sales advice and strategies, and great resources for a striving and growing business. Stephen talks about selling as solving problems and overcoming mistakes, making every mistake an opportunity to develop more effective strategies for your business. 

Tune in as he differs business sales from business development and brings you a scoop to help you recognize the problem that might be existing in your business. He also shares his go-to source for collaborations and partnerships, and the things that he looks for in a collaborator.

In this episode, Stephen mentioned his must-read book…

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

Visit Stephen’s website…


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