Are you one of the introverted entrepreneurs? If you’re not confident enough which causes you to struggle in your business, there are so many ways to get away with that without hiding who you are. Hear this episode and feel confident with your empathic abilities.

Our guest today is Lorraine Ellen Scott. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, an empathic, intuitive, and inspirational mentor who helps introverted entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers step into their power to thrive in business. With over twenty years of experience with vibrational energy healing, Lorraine developed her signature C.A.L.M. process that helps people live life on their terms for growth and sustainable success. She likes to bring fun and laughter into her work and incorporates card reading for clarity and inspiration to help others see things from a fresh perspective. Lorraine’s mission is to help introverts expand their comfort zone so that they are confident and seen as masterful in their field.

Lorraine speaks about her introverted journey and how introverted people can become great entrepreneurs. We discuss the gift that we have — our emphatic ability as one of the specific tools and skills to have the energy and stamina to get ourselves out there. You’ll get to listen to how to show yourself and make connections without feeling awkward. 

Don’t miss this chat as Lorraine shares about collaboration and great tips to thrive in your business!

→ In this episode, Lorraine shares the person that she considers impactful in her entrepreneurial journey…

Brendon Burchard 

→ Lorraine’s must-read book…

Everything Is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

→ Visit Lorraine’s Website…


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