In this episode of Collaborators Unite, host Chuck Anderson dives into the world of brand storytelling with special guest Chase Friedman. Chase, a brand strategist and expert in brand storytelling, shares valuable insights on the importance of purpose-driven brands, the role of storytelling in effective marketing, and the power of collaboration. Join them as they discuss how to create a compelling brand blueprint, differentiate yourself in a stakeholder-driven economy, and build a strong network of like-minded collaborators.

Guest Bio:

Chase Friedman is a brand strategist, filmmaker, writer, and director. Starting his career as an independent filmmaker, Chase transitioned into creating branded content and brand storytelling for purpose-driven organizations. With his deep passion for storytelling, he helps businesses and nonprofits develop authentic brand strategies that connect with customers on a deeper level. Chase believes in the power of collaboration and building strong relationships in business.

Key Points Discussed:

04:28 – The importance of conducting a deep brand discovery process

10:13 – The three core phases of a brand blueprint: brand core, brand positioning, and brand personality

16:45 – The shift to a stakeholder-driven economy and the demand for purpose-driven brands

25:07 – The role of storytelling in effective brand strategy and marketing

32:55 – The value of collaboration and building a strong network

Guest’s Must-Read Book Recommendation:

Chase recommends “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. This book provides valuable insights on how to create a compelling brand story that resonates with customers and helps businesses grow.


– Brand Blueprint eBook: https://vanquishmediagroup.com/tag/ebooks/

– Discovery Call with Chase Friedman: https://vanquishmediagroup.com/discoverycall/

Join Chuck Anderson and Chase Friedman in this episode of Collaborators Unite as they unlock the power of brand storytelling and explore the art of creative collaboration. Don’t miss out on valuable strategies and insights that can help take your business to new heights.

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