Start A New Business With Collaborations — with Mary Scott

What if you could connect with other businesses and co-create a new product, service, or membership? How would you go about approaching these business and what would you say to them?

While attending & speaking at Podapalooza back in March 2022, I had the good fortune of meeting and interviewing Mary Scott who shares her tips for reaching out to businesses to create something new and help your startup grow faster.

Attend Podapalooza: https://www.collaboratorsunite.com/podapalooza 

Mary is a noted speaker in Long Island focusing on the importance of video to your marketing efforts, business networking, and on women starting businesses.  

During this episode, Mary mentioned this as the most influential book and author for her …

A Wrinkle in Time, Madeleine L’Engle

Be sure to connect with Mary after the show …

Mary’s Website: https://businessriff.com/  

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Chuck Anderson

Investor + Marketing Consultant
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